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Taher Ghasimakbari

AMUNDH 307 (office), 612-626-1013
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Awards and Honors:

-Fellowship of school of Physics and Astronomy, UMN(2012).
-Rank top 0.0001% in physics graduate exam entrance exam(2008).
-Rank 16 in University entrance exam among 500000 participants(2003).
-Rank 4 in Iran's non-Governmental University entrance exam(2003).
-Fellow of national talented Society of Iran(since 2003).

Summary of Interests
Condensed matter physics, Coarse-grained modeling of diblock copolymers, Dynamical and thermodynamic properties of polymer, Computational physics.

About My Work

I am a computational condensed matter physicist working on polymers. We try to model polymers in order to better understand their equilibrium and non-equilibrium properties. Computer simulations make it possible to study aspects of polymers which are hidden to experimental tools. In Prof. Morse group we have developed and characterized coarse-grained models of diblock copolymers. Diblock copolymers are long chains of molecules composed of two homopolymer chains attached covalently head to tail. These materials are capable of forming micro-structure upon cooling beyond a critical temperature. Using advanced computational techniques we investigate the effects of different parameters on the critical temperature and the symmetry of the structure formed.

Research webpage:


PhD of Physics , University of Minnesota, 2012-?.
M.Sc. of Physics , Sharif University of Technology, 2009-2011.
B.Sc. of Physics , Sharif University of Technology, 2005-2009.
B.E.E. of Electrical Engineering, Sharif University of Technology 2003-2007.