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Evan Skillman

Professor/Director (Minnesota Institute for Astrophysics)

TATEH 285-16 (office), 624-9523
skillman @ •


Professor, UNIVERSITY OF MINNESOTA, 1997-; Visiting Astronomer, Institute for Astronomy, Cambridge University, 2002-2003; Associate Professor, UNIVERSITY OF MINNESOTA, 1993-1997; Assistant Professor, UNIVERSITY OF MINNESOTA, 1989-1993.

Recipient of UofMN Bush Sabbatical Fellowship (1995, 2002); UofMN Institute of Technology Outstanding Instructor Award (1995, 1996); UofMN Institute of Technology Academic Mentoring Award (1995); UofMN Best Director of Graduate Studies (2005).

Member of the American Astronomical Society, the Astronomical Society of the Pacific, the International Astronomical Union, and the Royal Astronomical Society (England).

Summary of Interests
Extragalactic Observational Astronomy; Specializing in: Chemical Evolution of Galaxies, Structure and Evolution of Dwarf Galaxies, H II Region Abundances, Star Formation, Big Bang Nucleosynthesis, Cluster Galaxies [Research Web Page]

Selected Publications

Skillman, Evan D.; Hidalgo, Sebastian L.; Weisz, Daniel R.; et al., The ACS LCID Project. X. The Star Formation History of IC 1613: Revisiting the Over-cooling Problem, 2014, The Astrophysical Journal, 786, 44

Skillman, Evan D.; Salzer, John J.; Berg, Danielle A.; Pogge, Richard W.; et al., ALFALFA Discovery of the nearby Gas-rich Dwarf Galaxy Leo P. III. An Extremely Metal Deficient Galaxy, 2013, The Astronomical Journal, 146, 3

Aver, Erik; Olive, Keith A.; Porter, R. L.; Skillman, Evan D., The primordial helium abundance from updated emissivities, 2013, Journal of Cosmology and Astrophysics, 11, 017

Kobulnicky, Henry A.; Skillman, Evan D., Elemental Abundance Variations and Chemical Enrichment from Massive Stars in Starbursts. II. NGC 1569, 1996, The Astrophysical Journal, 471, 211 [abstract]

Skillman, Evan D.; Televich, Roberto J.; Kennicutt, Robert C., Jr.; Garnett, Donald R.; Terlevich, Elena, Spatially resolved optical and near-infrared spectroscopy of the low-metallicity galaxy UGC 4483, 1994, Astrophysical Journal, 431, 172 [abstract]

Skillman, Evan D.; Kennicutt, R. C.; Hodge, P. W., Oxygen abundances in nearby dwarf irregular galaxies, 1989, Astrophysical Journal, 347, 875 [abstract]


B.A., Physics, Cornell University, 1977
Ph.D., Astronomy, University of Washington, 1984