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Cameron Rulten

TATEH 275-04 (office), 612-301-2321
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Cameron is a postdoctoral research associate working with Prof. Lucy Fortson. Cameron works on two ground-based gamma-ray telescope projects: the Very Energetic Radiation Imaging Telescope Array System (VERITAS) and the Cherenkov Telescope Array (CTA). Cameron’s research interests include the study of high-energy astrophysical phenomena such as blazars and pulsars. In addition, Cameron is helping to lead efforts aimed at improving the analysis methods currently used for analysing data recorded with the VERITAS telescopes. Furthermore, using self-assembly concepts borrowed from biology, Cameron is part of a team of scientists (University of Minnesota & Iowa State University) leading the way in exploring how big-data (such as that collected by ground-based gamma-ray telescopes) can use novel algorithms that self-assemble metadata. The goal is to achieve improved performance in areas such as fault tolerance and prompt-reconstruction of telescope data. Cameron has previously worked on the High Energy Stereoscope System (H.E.S.S.) an array of ground-based gamma-ray telescopes located in Namibia, Southern Africa. Cameron has analysed data recorded with the NASA Fermi gamma-ray space telescope and has also used data recorded with the Parkes Radio Telescope in Australia.

Cameron studied at Durham University in the North East of England, and prior to joining the University of Minnesota Cameron worked at the Observatoire de Paris in Meudon, France.