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Boris Shklovskii

“Effect of dielectric response on the quantum capacitance of graphene in a strong magnetic field”
Skinner, Yu, Kretinin, Geim, Novoselov, and Shklovskii1, Phys. Rev. B 88, 155417 (2013)

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The quantum capacitance of graphene can be negative when the graphene is placed in a strong magnetic field, which is a clear experimental signature of positional correlations between electrons. Here we show that the quantum capacitance of graphene is also strongly affected by its dielectric polarizability, which in a magnetic field is wave-vector dependent. We study this effect both theoretically and experimentally. We develop a theory and numerical procedure for accounting for the graphene dielectric response, and we present measurements of the quantum capacitance of high-quality graphene capacitors on boron nitride. Theory and experiment are found to be in good agreement.