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Alex Kamenev

“Bloch Oscillations in a One-Dimensional Spinor Gas”
D. M. Gangardt, and A. Kamenev, Phys. Rev. Lett. 102, 070402 (2009)

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A force applied to a spin-flipped particle in a one-dimensional spinor gas may lead to Bloch oscillations of the particle’s position and velocity. The existence of Bloch oscillations crucially depends on the viscous friction force exerted by the rest of the gas on the spin excitation. We evaluate the friction in terms of the quantum fluid parameters. In particular, we show that the friction is absent for integrable cases, such as an SU(2) symmetric gas of bosons or fermions. For small deviations from the exact integrability the friction is very weak, opening the possibility to observe Bloch oscillations.