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Alex Kamenev

“Photosolitonic effect”
M. Khodas, A. Kamenev, and L. I. Glazman, Phys. Rev. A 78, 053630 (2008)

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We show that dark solitons in one-dimensional Bose liquids may be created by absorption of a single quanta of an external ac field, in a close analogy with the Einstein’s photoelectric effect. Similarly to the von Lenard’s experiment with photoexcited electrons, the external field’s photon energy ℏω should exceed a certain threshold. In our case the latter is given by the soliton energy εs(ℏq) with the momentum ℏq, where q is photon’s wave number. We find the probability of soliton creation to have a power-law dependence on the frequency detuning ω−εs/ℏ. This dependence is a signature of the quantum nature of the absorption process and the orthogonality catastrophe phenomenon associated with it.