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Arkady Vainshtein

“Higgs boson decay into two photons through the W-boson Loop: No decoupling in the m_W -> 0 Limit''
M. Shifman, A. Vainshtein, M.B. Voloshin and V.Zakharov, Phys. Rev. D 85, 013015 (2012)

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We reanalyze the W-boson loop in the amplitude of the Higgs boson decay into two photons to show the absence of decoupling in the limit of massless W bosons, mW→0. The Higgs coupling to longitudinal polarizations survives in this limit and generates a nonvanishing contribution in the H→γγ decay. This shows that the recent claim of decoupling by R. Gastmans, S. L. Wu, and T. T. Wu is incorrect, and the old calculations for the two-photon decay well known in the literature are valid.