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Jeremiah Mans

CMS Technical Design Report for the Phase 1 Upgrade of the Hadron Calorimeter
CMS Collaboration, J. Mans editor., LHCC Technical Design Reports

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This report describes the technical design and outlines the expected performance of the Phase 1 Upgrade of the CMS Hadron Calorimeters. The upgrade is designed to improve the performance of the calorimeters at high luminosity with large numbers of pileup events by increasing the depth-segmentation of the calorimeter and providing new capabilities for anomalous background rejection. The photodetectors of the CMS Barrel and Endcap Hadron Calorimeters, currently hybrid photodiodes (HPDs), will be replaced by silicon photomultiplier (SiPM) devices. The single-channel phototubes of the Forward Hadron Calorimeter will be replaced by multi-anode phototubes operated in a dual-anode configuration. The readout electronics for all three calorimeter systems will also be replaced. A new charge-integrating ADC, the QIE10, with an integrated TDC will be used along with a 4.8 Gbps data-link. The off-detector electronics will also be substantially upgraded to handle higher data volumes and improve the information sent to the calorimeter trigger system. The expected performance of these upgrades is discussed, including a detailed study of several Higgs and SUSY analyses. The planning for the implementation of this upgrade is presented, including construction, testing, and installation.