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Gregory Pawloski

First Study of the Radiation-Amplitude Zero in Wγ Production and Limits on Anomalous WWγ Couplings at √s=1.96  TeV
D0 Collaboration , Phys. Rev. Lett.

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We present results from a study of pp̅ →Wγ+X events utilizing data corresponding to 0.7  fb-1 of integrated luminosity at √s=1.96  TeV collected by the D0 detector at the Fermilab Tevatron Collider. We set limits on anomalous WWγ couplings at the 95% C.L. The one-dimensional 95% C.L. limits are 0.49<κγ<1.51 and -0.12<λγ<0.13. We make the first study of the charge-signed rapidity difference between the lepton and the photon and find it to be indicative of the standard model radiation-amplitude zero in the Wγ system.