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Oriol T. Valls

Nanoscale ferromagnet-superconductor-ferromagnet switches controlled by magnetization orientation
K. Halterman and O.T. Valls, Phys. Rev. B72, 060514(R) 2005

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We study clean ferromagnet-superconductor-ferromagnet (FSF) nanostructures in which the magnetization of the F layers can be parallel (P) or antiparallel (AP). We consider the case where the thickness of the S layer is of order of the coherence length, with thinner F layers. We find that reversing the direction of the magnetization in one of the F layers leads in general to drastic changes in the superconductor's state. Under a wide variety of conditions, the AP geometry favors superconductivity. Magnetization reversal in one of the F layers can lead to the superconductivity turning on and off, or to switching between different states. Our results are obtained via self consistent solution of the Bogoliubov-de Gennes equations and evaluation of the condensation energies of the system.