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Kenneth Heller

A New Upper Limit For The Tau - Neutrino Magnetic Moment
DONUT Collaboration (R. Schwienhorst et al.) Minnesota authors: R. Schwienhorst, R. Rusack, D. Ciampa, C. Erickson, M. Graham, Kenneth J. Heller, J. Sielaff, J. Trammell, J. Wilcox, Phys.Lett.B513:23-29,2001


Using a prompt neutrino beam in which a nu_tau component was identified for the first time, the nu_tau magnetic moment was measured based on a search for an anomalous increase in the number of neutrino-electron interactions. One such event was observed when 2.3 were expected from background processes, giving an upper 90% confidence limit of 3.9x10^-7 Bohr magnetons.