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Ke Wang

Imaging electron flow and quantum dot formation in MoS2 nanostructures
S. Bhandari, K. Wang, K. Watanabe, T. Taniguchi, P. Kim, R. M. Westervelt, Nanotechnology (2018).

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Among newly discovered two-dimensional (2D) materials, semiconducting ultrathin sheets of MoS2 show potential for nanoelectronics. However, the carrier mobility in MoS2 is limited by scattering from surface impurities and the substrate. To probe the sources of scattering, we use a cooled scanning probe microscope (SPM) to image the flow of electrons in a MoS2 Hall bar sample at 4.2 K. Capacitive coupling to the SPM tip changes the electron density below and scatters electrons flowing nearby; an image of flow can be obtained by measuring the change in resistance between two contacts as the tip is raster scanned across the sample. We present images of current flow through a large contact that decay exponentially away from the sample edge. In addition, the images show the characteristic "bullseye" pattern of Coulomb blockade conductance rings around a quantum dot as the density is depleted with a back gate. We estimate the size and position of these quantum dots using a capacitive model.