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Oriol T. Valls

Superfluid Field response to Edge dislocation motion
A.N. Malmi-Kakkada, O.T. Valls, and C. Dasgupta, Phys. Rev B 95, 134512 (2017)

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We study the dynamic response of a superfluid field to a moving edge dislocation line to which the field is minimally coupled. We use a dissipative Gross-Pitaevskii equation, and determine the initial conditions by solving the equilibrium version of the model. We consider the subsequent time evolution of the field for both glide and climb dislocation motion and analyze the results for a range of values of the constant speed $V_D$ of the moving dislocation. We find that the type of motion of the dislocation line is very important in determining the time evolution of the superfluid field distribution associated with it. Climb motion of the dislocation line induces increasing asymmetry, as function of time, in the field profile, with part of the probability being, as it were, left behind. On the other hand, glide motion has no effect on the symmetry properties of the superfluid field distribution. Damping of the superfluid field due to excitations associated with the moving dislocation line occurs in both cases.