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Kenneth Heller

Search for Muon-Neutrino to Electron-Neutrino Transitions in MINOS
MINOS collaboration, PRL 103, 261802 (2009)


This Letter reports on a search for nu(mu)->nu(e) transitions by the MINOS experiment based on a 3.14x10(20) protons-on-target exposure in the Fermilab NuMI beam. We observe 35 events in the Far Detector with a background of 27 +/- 5(stat)+/- 2(syst) events predicted by the measurements in the Near Detector. If interpreted in terms of nu(mu)->nu(e) oscillations, this 1.5 sigma excess of events is consistent with sin(2)(2 theta(13)) comparable to the CHOOZ limit when |Delta m(2)|=2.43x10(-3) eV(2) and sin(2)(2 theta(23))=1.0 are assumed.