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Gregory Pawloski

First measurement of muon neutrino disappearance in NOvA
NOvA Collaboration, Phys. Rev. D

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This paper reports the first measurement using the NOvA detectors of $\nu_\mu$ disappearance in a $\nu_\mu$ beam. The analysis uses a 14 kton-equivalent exposure of $2.74 \times 10^{20}$ protons-on-target from the Fermilab NuMI beam. Assuming the normal neutrino mass hierarchy, we measure $\Delta m^{2}_{32}=(2.52^{+0.20}_{-0.18})\times 10^{-3}$ eV$^{2}$ and $\sin^2\theta_{23}$ in the range 0.38-0.65, both at the 68% confidence level, with two statistically-degenerate best fit points at $\sin^2\theta_{23} = $ 0.43 and 0.60. Results for the inverted mass hierarchy are also presented.