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Charles E. Woodward

First overtone CO bands in the giant component of RS Ophiuchi: the 12C/13C ratio in 2008
Pavlenko, Ya. V.; Woodward, Charles E.; Rushton, M. T.; Kaminsky, B.; Evans, A., Monthly Notices of the Royal Astronomical Society

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We present an analysis of a high-resolution (R ~= 40000) infrared spectrum of the RS Oph secondary around the first overtone CO bands, obtained in 2008 May on the Gemini-South 8m telescope. The 12CO and 13CO bands are well resolved, and we compute synthetic spectra to determine the 12C/13C ratio. We find 12C/13C ~= 16 +/- 3, consistent with the interpretation of the secondary as a red giant which has evolved beyond the first dredge-up phase of evolution.