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Charles E. Woodward

Infrared observations of the recurrent nova T Pyxidis: ancient dust basks in the warm glow of the 2011 outburst
Evans, A.; Gehrz, R. D.; Helton, L. A.; Starrfield, S.; Bode, M. F.; Woodward, C.E.; and 12 coauthors, Monthly Notices of the Royal Astronomical Society: Letters

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We present Spitzer Space Telescope and Herschel Space Observatory infrared observations of the recurrent nova T Pyx during its 2011 eruption, complemented by ground-base optical-infrared photometry. We find that the eruption has heated dust in the pre-existing nebulosity associated with T Pyx. This is most likely interstellar dust swept up by T Pyx - either during previous eruptions or by a wind - rather than the accumulation of dust produced during eruptions.