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Oriol T. Valls

Non-classical Rotational Inertia in a Two-dimensional Bosonic Solid Containing Grain Boundaries
Chandan Dasgupta and Oriol T. Valls, Phys. Rev. B 82, 024523 (2010)

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We study the occurrence of non-classical rotational inertia (NCRI) arising from superfluidity along grain boundaries in a two-dimensional bosonic system. We make use of a standard mapping between the zero-temperature properties of this system and the statistical mechanics of interacting vortex lines in the mixed phase of a type-II superconductor. In the mapping, the liquid phase of the vortex system corresponds to the superfluid bosonic phase. We consider numerically obtained polycrystalline configurations of the vortex lines in which the microcrystals are separated by liquid-like grain boundary regions which widen as the vortex system temperature increases. The NCRI of the corresponding zero-temperature bosonic systems can then be numerically evaluated by solving the equations of superfluid hydrodynamics in the channels near the grain boundaries. We find that the NCRI increases very abruptly as the liquid regions in the vortex system (equivalently, superfluid regions in the bosonic system) form a connected, system-spannig structure with one or more closed loops. The implications of these results for experimentally observed supersolid phenomena are discussed.