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Dan Cronin-Hennessy

PAN 346 (office), 624-9079
PAN 450 (lab)
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Summary of Interests
CP Violation, Quark Mixing, Neutrino Oscillation, Flavor Violation

About My Work

My experimental research has focused on understanding the Weak interaction using measurements of quark and lepton flavor mixing and CP violation. I have also performed measurements that confront Quantum Chromo-dynamics predictions. My current research collaborations include the NuMI Off-axis ╬Że Appearance experiment (NOvA) and the Mu2e experiment which are both at Fermi National Accelerator Laboratory (FNAL) in Batavia, Illinois. NOvA is a running experiment measuring neutrino oscillation parameters. Minnesota constructed the detector components in a two-year period with over 700 undergraduates. My former graduate students Kanika Sachdev and Nick Raddatz performed the first neutrino appearance and disappearance measurements from NOvA. My current graduate student Andrew Vold is working on the electron neutrino measurement. The Mu2e experiment is now being designed and constructed. My group is part of the straw tube tracker program that is the critical sub-detector for this experiment. We are a small group with one faculty and one post doc (Dr. Dan Ambrose) but we expect to be growing over the next two years.

My academic and research career is illustrated above in the form of institutional logos.

Selected Publications

J. Yelton et al. (Submitted), Absolute Branching Fraction Measurements for Exclusive Ds Semileptonic Decays, Physical Review Letters

M/ Antonelli et al., The CKM Book - Flavor Physics in the Quark Sector, Phys. Repts.

Q. He et al., Comparison of D to Ks pi and D to KL pi Decay Rates, Physical Review Letters

A. H. Mahmood et al. (CLEO), Measurement of the B Meson Inclusive Semileptonic Branching Fraction and Electron-Energy Moments, Accepted Physical Review {\bf D}, 2004

S.E. Csorna et al., (CLEO), Moments of the B Meson Inclusive Semileptonic Decay Rate using Neutrino Reconstruction, Accepted Physical Review {\bf D}, 2004.

K. W. Edwards {\it et al.} (CLEO), Search for Baryons in the Radiative Penguin Decay $b \rightarrow s \gamma$, Physical Review {\bf D68:011102}, 2003.

D.~Peterson {\it et al.}), The CLEOIII Drift Chamber, Nucl. Instrum. Meth. {\bf A478:142-146}, 2002

D. Cronin-Hennessy {\it et al.} (CLEO), Hadronic Mass Moments in Inclusive Semileptonic $B$ Meson Decays, Physical Review Letters {\bf 87:251808}, 2001.

S. Chen {\it et al.}, Branching Fraction and Photon Energy Spectrum for $b \rightarrow s \gamma$, Physical Review Letters {\bf 87:251807}, 2001.} (CLEO)

(S. Chen {\it et al.}, Improved Upper Limits on the FCNC $B \rightarrow K l^+ l^-$ and $B \rightarrow K^{*}(892) l^+ l^-$, Physical Review Letters {\bf 87:181803}, 2001. (CLEO)

T.~Affolder {\it et al.} (CDF), Tests of enhanced leading order QCD in $W$ boson plus jets events from 1.8 TeV \pbp collisions, Physical Review {\bf D63}, 072003.

D. Cronin-Hennessy {\it et al.}, Luminosity Monitoring and Measurement at CDF, Nucl. Instrum. Meth. {\bf A443:37-50},2000

F.~Abe {\it et al.} (CDF), Properties of Jets in W Boson Events from 1.8 TeV $\overline pp$ Collisions, Physical Review Letters {\bf 79}, 4760.


Ph.D. Physics, Duke University, 1997
M.S. Physics, Duke University, 1993
B.S. Physics, Boston College, 1990