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Elizabeth Smith

PAN 420 (office), 612-301-9543
PAN 481 (lab)
smit4524 @ • curriculum vitae

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Postdoctoral Research Associate, UMN, 2015-present
Assistant Dean for Postdoctoral Initiatives Search Committee Member, 2018-present
Postdoctoral Association (PDA) Steering Committee, UMN, 2017-present

University of Minnesota Doctoral Dissertation Fellow, UMN, 2012-2013
Institute for Molecular Virology NIH Training Fellow, 2012
3M Graduate Fellow in Physics 2007-2011
University of Minnesota Graduate School Fellow, 2007-2008

Teaching SMART Volunteer, UMN, 2010-2012
Women in Physics and Astronomy Coordinator, UMN, 2009-2010
Physics Graduate Student Group Officer, UMN, 2009-2010

Summary of Interests
Super-resolution microscopy, Single molecule fluorescence. [Research Web Page]

Selected Publications

Elizabeth M. Smith, Jared Hennen, Yan Chen, and Joachim D. Mueller, In situ quantification of protein binding to the plasma membrane., Biophysical Journal [abstract] [download 2015 In Situ Quantification of Protein Binding to the Plasma]

Elizabeth M. Smith, Jared Hennen, Yan Chen, and Joachim D. Mueller, Z-scan fluorescence profile deconvolution of cytosolic and membrane-associated protein populations, Analytical Biochemistry [abstract] [download 2015 Z-scan fluorescen profile deconvolution of cytosolic an]

Elizabeth M. Smith, Patrick J. Macdonald, Yan Chen, & Joachim D. Mueller, Quantifying protein-protein interactions of peripheral membrane proteins by fluorescence brightness analysis., Biophysical Journal [abstract] [download 2014 Quantifying protein-protein interactions of peripheral ]

Patrick Macdonald, JoleneJohnson, Elizabeth M. Smith, Yan Chen, Joachim D.Mueller, Chapter Four - Brightness Analysis, Methods in Enzymology - Fluorescence Fluctuation Spectroscopy (FFS), Part A [abstract]

Elizabeth M. Smith and Joachim D. Mueller, The statistics of protein expression ratios for cellular fluorescence studies., European Biophysics Journal [abstract] [download 2012 The statistics of protein expression ratios for cellula]

Keir H. Fogarty, Yan Chen, Iwen F. Grigsby, Patrick J. Macdonald, Elizabeth M. Smith, Jolene L. Johnson, Jonathan M. Rawson, Louis M. Mansky, and Joachim D. Mueller, Characterization of Cytoplasmic Gag-Gag Interactions by Dual-Color Z-Scan Fluorescence Fluctuation Spectroscopy, Biophysical Journal [abstract]


Ph.D. Physics, University of Minnesota, 2015