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Alexander Engel

TATEH 285-05 (office)
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Summary of Interests
Space Physics

About My Work

In the Earth's magnetosphere ions and electrons move under the influence of various electric and magnetic field arrangements. These particle motions can be simulated to test and extend our understanding of magnetospheric processes, including injections and shocks. I do this with full Lorentz particle steppers (e.g. Boris algorithm) and guiding center equations. The simulations are parallelized to run on a supercomputer, specifically the UMN's Mesabi/Itasca compute clusters. This allows for finding the motion of complex particle distributions. Initial particle and field data is based on data collected by magnetospheric spacecraft, with focus on the Van Allen Probes. These two probes are unique in their combination of high resolution particle, magnetic, and electric field data with coverage (orbits) throughout the near-equatorial inner magnetosphere.


B.S. Physics University of Minnesota, 2016