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Vladimir Bychkov

PAN 332 (lab)
WMSONH 130K (office)
bychk001 @ • curriculum vitae

Bychkov, Vladimir 2012.jpg

Recently I have switched to neutrino experiment and joined NOvA group. My current project is to separate charged current muon neutrino events, where neutrino emits charged W boson and became a muon, from neutral current neutrino events, where Z boson is emitted, using transverse momentum analysis.

Summary of Interests
Supersymmetry, supersymmetric quantum mechanics, low dimensional supersymmetric quantum models, superstring theory. Neutrino physics and machine learning

Selected Publications

V.Bychkov and E.Ivanov, N=4 Supersymmetric Landau Models, Nuclear Physics B863 (2012) 33-64 arXiv:1202.4984 [hep-th]


MS: Moscow Institute of Physics and Technology (2012)
BS: Moscow Institute of Physics and Technology (2010)