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Fiona Burnell

TATEH 130-13 (office), 624-0319
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I am a theoretical condensed matter physicist. My research focuses on understanding unconventional quantum phases of matter.

Sloan foundation fellowship FG-2015-65927

Selected Awards and Honours
Post-doctoral research fellow, All Souls college, 2009-2013; NSERC post-graduate scholarship (2003-2007); Lloyd G. Elliott Prize, 2002.

Summary of Interests
Exotic phases of matter-- phases not described by the conventional Landau classification based on broken symmetries.

About My Work

My work focuses on understanding exotic phases of matter-- phases which are not described by the conventional Landau classification based on broken symmetries. This encompasses topologically ordered phases, such as the fractional quantum Hall states in which the low-energy excitations are neither fermions nor bosons, but have "fractional" statistics. It also includes symmetry-protected phases, such as topological insulators, where unusual properties arise at the surface or boundary of the system. Two of my main foci are understanding the phase diagrams and phase transitions of these systems, and in identifying the possible types of exotic phases in 3 dimensions. These are big questions, which my research addresses by studying specific examples, often through identifying models whose behavior we can understand analytically. For example, I have been involved in studying 3D models whose surfaces are topologically ordered, some of which realize new symmetry-protected phases of matter.

Selected Publications

*Full Publications List*, [download Publications_current.pdf]

F. J. Burnell and J. T. Chalker, Frustration and Correlations in Stacked Triangular Lattice Ising Antiferromagnets, arXiv:1504.03806, Apr. 2015

C. W. von Keyserlingk and F. J. Burnell, Walker-Wang models and axion electrodynamics, Phys. Rev. B, 910451340, Jan. 2015

F J Burnell, Correlated parity measurements as a probe of non-Abelian statistics in one-dimensional superconducting wires, Phys. Rev. B 89, 224510 (2014)

Xie Chen, F. J. Burnell, Ashvin Vishwanath, and Lukasz Fidkowski, Anomalous symmetry fractionalization and surface topological order, arXiv:1403.6491

F. J. Burnell, Alexander Shnirman, and Yuval Oreg, Measuring fermion parity correlations and relaxation rates in one-dimensional topological superconducting wires, Phys. Rev. B 88: 224507 (2013)

Michael Mulligan and F. J. Burnell, Topological insulators avoid the parity anomaly, Phys. Rev. B 88: 085104 (2013)

Curt Von Keyserlingk, F. J. Burnell, and Steven H. Simon, Three-dimensional topological lattice models with surface anyons, Phys. Rev. B 87: 045107 (2013)

Anushya Chandran, F. J. Burnell, Vedika Khemani, and S. L. Sondhi, Kibble-zurek scaling and string-net coarsening in topologically ordered systems, 2012. arXiv:1211.0294. Accepted by Journal of Physics: Condensed Matter [abstract]

Michael Levin, F. J. Burnell, Maciej Koch-Janusz, and Ady Stern, Exactly soluble models for fractional topological insulators in two and three dimensions, Phys. Rev. B, 84:235145, (2011)

F. J. Burnell, Steven H. Simon, and J. K. Slingerland, Condensation of achiral simple currents in topological lattice models: Hamiltonian study of topological symmetry breaking, Phys. Rev. B, 84:125434, (2011)

F. J. Burnell and Chetan Nayak, SU(2) slave fermion solution of the Kitaev honeycomb lattice model, Phys. Rev. B, 84:125125, (2011)

F. J. Burnell, Jiangping Hu, Meera Parish, and B. Andrei Bernevig, Leggett mode in a strong-coupling model of iron arsenide superconductors, Phys. Rev. B, 82:144506, (2010)

F. J. Burnell, Meera Parish, N. R. Cooper, and S. L. Sondhi, Devil’s staircases and supersolids in a one-dimensional dipolar Bose gas, Phys. Rev. B, 80:174519, (2009)

F.J. Burnell, B. A. Bernevig, and D. Arovas, Scenario for Fractional Quantum Hall Effect in Bulk Isotropic Materials, Phys. Rev. B 79: 155310 (2009)


Ph.D., Princeton, 2009
B.Sc., UBC, 2002