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Thursday, December 6th 2018
10:10 am:
Biophysics Seminar in 120 PAN
Speaker: Steven Vogel, NIH/NIAAA
Subject: VenusA206 dimers behave coherently at room temperature

Quantum biology posits that non-trivial coherent macromolecular interactions influence biological behavior. Identifying systems amenable to investigating how nature maintains coherence in a hot wet environment is desirable. We observe that homodimers of the yellow fluorescent protein VenusA206 behave coherently at room temperature using time-resolved fluorescence anisotropy measurements that reveal ultrafast energy transfer, circular dichroism spectra that exhibit Davydov-splitting, and a novel approach combining photon-antibunching and fluorescence correlation spectroscopy to compare the number of independent emitters and fluorescent molecules in the same sample. Our results support the hypothesis that fluorescent proteins have evolved a mechanism to allow coherent behavior under physiological conditions and have potentially far-reaching implications and applications, including the interpretation of fluorescent protein ‘FRET’ experiments and the development of low-cost quantum computers.

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