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Friday, March 10th 2017
4:40 pm:
Speaker: Peter Bohacek, Sibley High School
Subject: Pivot Interactives (nee Direct Measurement Video Project)

Pivot Interactives is an outgrowth of our five year work on the Direct Measurement Video project. Pivot Interactives is a web platform that allows teachers to create web-based activities that combine matrices of Direct Measurement Videos with other interactive tools such as data tables, graphs, and curve fitting, interactive questions, and student feedback. Within the Pivot Interactives Portal, teachers can assign these activities to students. Students use any web-connected device to complete the activity and submit for teacher feedback. This allows students to conduct inquiry-based learning using all steps eight science in an online environment.

After a quick tour of the platform, we'll explore how Pivot Interactives can be used to facilitate learning labs skills such as model making and testing, linearization, and finding the meaning of slope and intercept.

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