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Tuesday, February 7th 2017
12:20 pm:
Speaker: Colin Waters, University of Newcastle
Subject: Spatial and temporal development of geomagnetic induced currents (GICs) during the 2015 St Patrick's Day storm

Geomagnetic storms are often associated with elevated solar activity such as coronal mass ejections (CMEs) and sudden impulses (SI). The 17 March, 2015 storm was a G4 level (severe) event with duration of ~18 hours, commencing 14 UT as a result of a CME that occurred on the Sun around 02 UT, 15 March.
The availability of experimental data for monitoring geomagnetic storm events is limited by both instrument response and location. The limitations of comprehensive spatial coverage is a common difficulty. This is particularly acute when attempting to predict storm effects on GIC sensitive infrastructure such as electricity supply grids. Global data collection at low Earth orbit (LEO) can be achieved using engineering magnetometer data obtained from the Iridium satellite constellation which for the first time, are combined with global ground based magnetic field data. These data sets are discussed in the context of the spatial/temporal problem in GIC research and the efforts to predict GIC impacts on electricity supply infrastructure.

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