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Monday, February 20th 2017
12:15 pm:
Speaker: Lilya Williams, UMN
Subject:  Interplay between dark and baryonic matter in galaxy centers: new constraints from dynamics and lensing

The central 5-10 kpc of elliptical galaxies, while in long term steady state, are not truly relaxed. The primary reason is that baryons and dark matter are not fully mixed. We demonstrate this by comparing observed and simulated galaxies to theoretically derived prediction for dynamically relaxed collisionless systems, and by examining the observed population of quadruply imaged lensed systems hosted by galaxies. The unrelaxed state can be used to our advantage, to extract information about the formation and evolution of the central regions of galaxies and hence all that they depend on: baryonic processes, central supermassive black hole, and especially dark matter properties. I will describe some ongoing work on this, and sketch future directions.

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