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Monday, November 28th 2016
12:30 pm:
Speaker: Mikhail Skvortsov Skolkovo, Institute of Science and Technology and Landau Institute for Theoretical Physics
Subject: Superconductivity suppression in disordered films: Role of ballistic scales

We consider superconductivity suppression in homogeneously disordered thin films. Anderson’s theorem stating that the critical temperature is insensitive to the degree of disorder is violated in the vicinity of the Anderson localization transition. For strongly disordered films, the interplay between disorder and interaction effectively suppresses the BCS coupling constant, thereby reducing the critical temperature. For strictly 2D films, superconductivity suppression is coming from large scales (similar to the 2D localization), and summation of the leading logarithms can be performed with the help of Finkelstein’s renormalization group. For thicker and sufficiently dirty films, there exists an additional effect originating from small scales (similar to the 3D localization). We calculate the corresponding contribution to the shift of the critical temperature and discuss its importance in the context of experimental situation.

Faculty Host: Alex Kamenev

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