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Friday, November 4th 2016
Speaker: Attila Kovacs, MIfA, U. Minnesota
Subject: Frontier science in the submillimeter and far-infrared

I will present some recent, on-going, and upcoming efforts that push the boundaries of submillimeter and far-infrared astrophysics. The submillimeter and FIR wavelengths can probe where no other wavelengths can, and sample the distant Universe uniformly, largely unaffected by dimming. They can also provide insights into optically obscured environments of star-formation locally, in the Galaxy. I will discuss recent results from 2-mm deep fields, and resolved SZ cluster morphologies; ongoing efforts at spectroscopic redshift searches using a novel technology; future mm-wave surveys; and probing star-formation locally, in the Galaxy, via FIR polarimetry with SOFIA/HAWC+ and spectroscopy with SOFIA/HIRMES.

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