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Wednesday, November 30th 2016
Speaker: Konstantin Reich, Physics at UMN
Subject: Exciton transfer in array of epitaxially connected nanocrystals

Recently, epitaxially connected at facets semiconductor
nanocrystals have been introduced to fascilitate the electron transport
between nanocrystals. To fully deploy their potential a better understanding
of the exciton transfer between connected NCs is needed. We go beyond the two
well-known transfer mechanisms suggested by Forster and Dexter and propose a
third mechanism of exciton tandem tunneling. The tandem tunnelling occurs
through the intermediate state in which electron and hole are in different
NCs. The corresponding rate for exciton hops between epitaxially connected
at small facets NCs is larger than the Dexter rate and can be comparable with
the Forster one.

Faculty Host: Boris Shklovskii

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