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Monday, September 19th 2016
12:15 pm:
Speaker: Irshad Mohammed, Fermi National Accelerator Laboratory
Subject: Towards precision cosmology with large scale structures: the halo model and perturbative approaches

The theoretical modeling of the statistical observables of the large-scale structures of the Universe, like galaxy clustering, weak lensing etc., is necessary in order to derive any constraints on the cosmological parameters. One of the most important ingredients of the theoretical model is the two-point correlation function, or its Fourier transform the matter power spectrum. I will discuss the precision in its calculations based on a modified halo model, and the systematic effects due to the baryonic processes. Further, I will also discuss the covariance matrix of the matter power spectrum and its estimators based on the halo model and the perturbation theory. We find the agreement with the simulations is at a 10% level up to k ∼ 1 h/Mpc. We show that all the connected components are dominated by the large-scale modes (k < 0.1h/Mpc), regardless of the value of the wavevectors of the covariance matrix. Finally, I will provide a prescription for how to evaluate the covariance matrix from small box simulations without the need to simulate large volumes.

Faculty Host: Liliya L.R. Williams

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