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Wednesday, August 24th 2016

8:45 AM
Shattering cold gas into tiny cloudlets
Mike McCourt
University of California, Santa Barbara

9:10 AM
Metal Mixing in the Presence of a Magnetic Field
Evan Scannapieco
Arizona State University

9:35 AM TBA
Martin Pessah
Niels Bohr Institute


10:20 AM
Jet-Lobe Morphology Under the Cluster Weather: Inferences on ICM Dynamics and Jet Composition
Hui Li
Los Alamos National Laboratory

10:45 AM
Properties of the ICM of Galaxy Cluster from hydrodynamical simulations with AGN feedback
Elena Rasia
University of Michigan

11:10 PM
How AGN Jets Heat the Intracluster Medium – Insights from Simulations
Karen Yang
University of Maryland

11:35 PM
Discussion Session I


1:35 PM
Heating in Simulated Galaxy Clusters with Momentum-driven AGN Feedback
Yuan Li
Columbia University

2:00 PM
Thermal Instability in Low Entropy Gas Lifted behind Buoyantly-Rising X-ray Bubbles
Brian McNamara
University of Waterloo

2:25 PM
Nonlinear thermal instability in the radio mode feedback cycle
Paul Nulsen
Center for Astrophysics, Harvard-Smithsonian


3:10 PM
Triggering and delivery methods for AGN feedback
Brian O’Shea
Michigan State University

3:35 PM
The Black-Hole Feedback Valve
Mark Voit
Michigan State University

4:00 PM
Simulations of AGN jet feedback in galaxy clusters: heating and cooling cycles
Prateek Sharma
Indian Institute of Science, Bangalore

4:25 PM
Discussion Session II

5:00 PM Workshop Closing
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