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Friday, December 2nd 2016
Speaker: Ming Sun, U. Alabama, Huntsville
Subject: Study Baryon Physics with Galaxy Groups and Clusters

Galaxy groups and clusters are the least massive systems where the bulk of baryons are accounted for and also the most massive systems that are gravitationally bound. Baryons locked into stars and baryons remaining diffuse provide orthogonal constraints on cosmic structure formation, which makes groups and clusters ideal systems to study baryon physics. In this talk, I will summarize new results on two projects on baryon physics in galaxy groups and clusters. The first one will focus on X-ray scaling relations of local galaxy groups. I will also discuss our recent results on stacking and its application on cluster cosmology. In the second part, I will focus on ram pressure stripping of cluster galaxies. The last decade has witnessed a burst of new discoveries about ram pressure stripping emerging from multi-wavelength, multi-scale observations. Stripped tails have emerged as another kind of ideal targets in clusters to study multi-phase media, along with cool cores. New results on optical, CO and X-rays will be discussed.

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