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Sunday, May 15th 2016

9:00 AM Alexei Yung, University of Minnesota, FTPI

Critical string from non-Abelian vortex in four dimensions

9:30 AM Muneto Nitta, Keio University

Vortices in Neutron Superfluids

10:00 AM Keisuke Ohash, University of Pisa, INFN

Large-N CP(N-1) sigma model on a finite interval with the Dirichlet  condition


11:00 AM Edwin Ireson, Swansea University

Worldsheet-induced corrections to the holographic Veneziano amplitude

11:30 AM Sergey Monin, University of Minnesota

Non-Abelian string of a finite length

12:00 PM Peter Koroteev,Perimeter Institute for Theoretical Physics

How supersymmetry helps to understand hydrodynamics

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