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Thursday, May 12th 2016

8:45 AM Registration

8:55 AM Welcome and Opening Remarks
Arkady Vainshtein

9:00 AM Geometry and Dynamics of a Coupled 2D and 4D Quantum Field Theory
Ken Konishi
University of Pisa and INFN, Sezione di Pisa

9:30 AM Coulomb branch, Higgs branch, and nilpotent orbits
Amihay Hanany
Imperial College, London

10:00 AM Liberation on walls in gauge theories and quantum anti-ferromagnets
Tin Sulejmanpasic
North Carolina State University


11:00 AM Cusp anomalous dimension in QCD and its supersymmetric extensions
Gregory Korchemsky
IPhT, Saclay

11:30 AM On supergravity coupled with vector fields: a gauge theory perspective
Radu Roiban
Pennsylvania State University

12:00 PM POPE for scattering amplitudes
Andrei Belitsky
Arizona State University


2:00 PM Instanton-dyons generate both deconfinement and chiral symmetry restoration transitions
Edward Shuryak
Stony Brook University

2:30 PM Oblique confinement and metastable states in the "deformed QCD" model
Eric Zhitnitsky
University of British Columbia

3:00 PM New aspects of abelian confinement
Erich Poppitz
University of Toronto


4:00 PM Axion EFT and Dense Axion Stars
Eric Braaten
Ohio State University

4:30 PM Anomalous magnetic moment of a bound electron
Andrzej Czarnecki
University of Alberta

5:00 PM Decay of a bound muon
Robert Szafron
University of Alberta

5:30 PM Low-Energy Effective Action of the Supersymmetric CP(N-1) Model in the Large-N Limit
Pavel Bolokhov
University of Minnesota, Duluth

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