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Tuesday, April 12th 2016
3:00 pm:
Special Condensed Matter Seminar in 130 PAN (MNC Seminar Room)
Speaker: David Toyli, University of California, Berkeley
Subject: Resonance Fluorescence from an Artificial Atom in Squeezed Vacuum

Superconducting circuits offer a compelling platform for investigating light-matter interactions inaccessible to conventional atomic systems. Aided by the low-dimensionality and low loss of such circuits, here we experimentally investigate how changing the properties of the electromagnetic vacuum modifies atomic fluorescence. We strongly couple microwave-frequency squeezed light to a superconducting artificial atom and detect the resulting fluorescence with high resolution using a near-quantum-limited parametric amplifier. We observe a dramatic dependence of the spectrum of resonance fluorescence on the relative phase of the driving and squeezed vacuum fields and observe subnatural radiative linewidths that indicate up to 3.1 dB of squeezing below the ordinary vacuum level in the artificial atom’s environment [1]. Our results both validate the canonical predictions for resonance fluorescence in squeezed vacuum and provide a circuit architecture for investigating high-precision superconducting qubit measurement with squeezed input light.

[1] D.M. Toyli, A.W Eddins, et al., arXiv:1602.03240

Faculty Host: Paul Crowell

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