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Tuesday, March 1st 2016
Speaker: Jack Hellerstedt, Monash University
Subject: Combined in situ thin film growth and characterization of topological materials
Note change of day, time and room from usual CM Seminar

"Motivated by the persistent doping problems plaguing the seminal topological "insulator" Bi_2Se_3, we have developed an apparatus capable of thin film growth combined with in situ, real time transport measurements, which has provided insight into gaining ready access to the topological regime. We have extended this success to studying the topological Dirac semimetal Na_3Bi, whose reactivity to ambient prohibits the use of conventional sample preparation techniques. Our thin film samples have low temperature mobilities in excess of 6,000 cm^2/Vs. Perpendicular magnetoresistance up to 1T shows unusually large quadratic behavior with weak anti-localization at low field. I will discuss our latest efforts to understand our results in terms of spatial charge inhomogeneity."

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