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Monday, May 2nd 2016
12:15 pm:
Speaker: Patrick Meyers, University of Minnesota
Subject: Probing the Stochastic Gravitational-wave Background in the Advanced LIGO Era

With the first detection of a binary black hole merger (BBH), and the successful first run of the Advanced LIGO detectors, a new era of Gravitational-wave (GW) astrophysics has begun. First, I will give an overview of stochastic gravitational-wave background (SGWB) searches with LIGO. I will then address the implications of GW150914, the first direct detection of GWs, on the search for an astrophysical SGWB. I will touch briefly on ongoing searches for an SGWB using Advanced LIGO data and then I will talk about prospects and techniques for improving low-frequency sensitivity in SGWB searches moving forward.

Faculty Host: Vuk Mandic

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