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Monday, February 8th 2016
12:15 pm:
Speaker: Cheng-Hsien Li - UMN
Subject: Wave-packet treatment of neutrinos and its quantum-mechanical implications

In this talk, I will briefly discuss the 3D solution of a massless Gaussian wave packet. This solution is applied to examine whether neutrino wave packets (WPs), which are emitted from different production processes in the source, overlap in space as they propagate toward the detector. In particular, we consider the overlap among those neutrinos with mean energies differing by no more than the intrinsic energy uncertainty in a WP. The degree of overlap depends on the transverse size of the initial WP and the energy-differential production rate of the source. Such overlap is estimated to be significant for solar and supernova neutrinos and is potentially significant for those from radioactive sources. A discussion on whether the exchange symmetry of neutrinos affects detection rate will be given.

Faculty Host: Yong-Zhong Qian

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