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Monday, January 25th 2016
12:15 pm:
Speaker: Karl Young , University of Minnesota
Subject: Millimeter-Wave Broadband Anti-Reflection Coatings Using Laser Ablation of Sub-Wavelength Structures

The newest millimeter and sub-millimeter telescopes are using large, high index optics that need robust broadband anti-reflection coatings (ARC). One way to produce such a coating is via sub-wavelength structures (SWS). I will give a brief review of SWS ARCs produced for the millimeter and sub-millimeter, and then report on our use of laser ablation to fabricate SWS on alumina and sapphire. Transmission measurements of our SWS ARC between 70 and 140 GHz agree with simulations. The simulations indicate that our SWS ARC should have reflections below 3% between 170 and 300 GHz when applied to both sides of an alumina or sapphire lens.

Faculty Host: Shaul Hanany

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