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Wednesday, April 13th 2016
1:25 pm:
Speaker: Daniel Agterberg, UW-Milwaukee
Subject: Spin 3/2 pairing in topological half-heusler superconductors

Two key symmetries underlie the formation of superconductivity: parity and time reversal. These symmetries lead to the usual description of superconductivity in terms of pseudo-spin 1/2 fermions. Strong spin-orbit coupling plays an essential role in defining pseudo-spin and, we show, also allows for the intriguing possibility of pseudo-spin 3/2 fermions. In this talk, after a discussion on the role of symmetry on superconducting pairs, I will contrast the physics for pseudo-spin 1/2 and pseudo-spin 3/2 pairing with an emphasis on the topological half-heusler superconductors YPtBi and LuPtBi. These materials have recently been found to exhibit gapless excitations in the superconducting state. These materials also lack parity symmetry, and the general consequences of this for both pseudo-spin 1/2 and pseudo-spin 3/2 pairing will be highlighted throughout the talk.

Faculty Host: Andrey Chubukov

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