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Wednesday, March 23rd 2016
1:25 pm:
Speaker: Maxim Khodas, University of Iowa and Hebrew University, Jerusalem
Subject: Spin resonance in two-dimensional electron systems confined to narrow channels

We consider the two-dimensional electron gas confined laterally to a narrow channel. As the Zeeman splitting matches the inter-subband splitting due to the geometrical quantization, the non-local spin polarization develops a minimum as reported by Frolov et al. [Nature (London) 458, 868 (2009)]. This phenomenon termed Ballistic Spin Resonance is due to the degeneracy between the nearest oppositely polarized sub-bands lifted by spin-orbit coupling. The resonance survives the weak and short-range interaction. The latter detunes it and as a result shifts the Zeeman splitting at which the minimum in spin polarization occurs. The shift is attributed to the absence of Kohn theorem for the spin sloshing collective mode. We characterized the shift due to weak interaction quantitatively by analyzing the spin sloshing mode phenomenologically.

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