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Friday, April 1st 2016
Speaker: Kiel Howe (Fermilab)
Subject: Induced Electroweak Symmetry Breaking and the Composite (Twin) Higgs

In induced electroweak symmetry breaking models, the SM-like Higgs vev is triggered by a small hidden sector electroweak symmetry breaking tadpole. This structure decouples the physical Higgs mass from the quartic term in the Higgs potential, leading to interesting possibilities in UV completions of the Higgs sector as a composite pseudo-Nambu Goldstone boson (PNGB). This framework can allow the minimal ~v^2/f^2 tuning of some models to be evaded, and is particularly appealing in the case of the composite twin Higgs where neutral top partners cut off the leading contributions to the PNGB potential.

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