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Friday, September 14th 2018
8:00 pm:
Observing Night in 510-02 Tate
Rooftop observing through our historic telescope in the dome of the John T. Tate Hall. Presentation followed by outdoor observing (weather-permitting).

MIfA graduate students Jin-Ah Kim and James Cheshire and undergraduate student Kaitlin Ehret will be there to give a short presentation and answer any questions (about the presentation, or about astronomy/astrophysics/physics/cosmology in general!), then (weather permitting) we'll head upstairs and break out the historic 122 year-old 10.5" refracting telescope in the dome and some modern reflecting telescopes on the roof of Tate Hall to look at Mars and Saturn! The current forecast calls for cloudy skies Friday night, but even if observing isn't possible we'll be there to present and chat with everyone! The presentation will be on the science of spectroscopy, which is the main technique astronomers use to figure out what objects in space are made of, and how they're moving.

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