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Saturday, September 23rd 2017
08:30 am:
An International Conference Honoring Mitchell Luskin on the Occasion of his 65th Birthday

Summary: Multiscale modeling, theory, and computation have made fundamental contributions to many areas of physical, chemical, and biological sciences. Recent theoretical and experimental advances present new challenges for multiscale theory and computation. This conference will seek to stimulate new approaches and collaborations by bringing together both senior and junior researchers with expertise spanning molecular to continuum scales and stochastic to deterministic methods.

Some examples of talks of possible interest to Physics on the schedule:
Epitaxially Strained Elastic Films: Quantum Dots and Dislocations
The Problem of Small Temperatures in a Quantum Gas
Multiscale Dynamical Systems
Wandering in Flatland: the Wonders of 2D Materials
"Metastability: a Journey from Stochastic Processes to Semiclassical Analysis
Spin-Diffusions and Diffusive Molecular Dynamics

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