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Sunday, August 13th 2017
12:00 pm:
Pre-eclipse Block Party in Outdoor space between Physics and Nanotechnology Building and Akerman Hall
Speaker: James Flaten, Aerospace Engineering and Mechanics; Lindsay Glesener, School of Physics and Astronomy
Subject: "Live-streaming the Solar Eclipse from the Stratosphere," and "A Rare Look at the Sun's Corona."

1) (Flaten) NASA’s Space Grant Consortia from 30 states are fielding teams of college students to develop light-weight video-telemetry systems to live stream the view of the shadow of the Moon from the stratosphere. Over 50 ballooning teams are preparing to fly into the path of totality from Oregon all the way to South Carolina. The U of M team will show off their flight units and ground station hardware and talk about their preparations to participate in this nationwide project.

2) (Glesener) Solar eclipses are beautiful and fascinating events, and they also offer rare opportunities to study the elusive corona -- the outermost layer of the Sun's atmosphere. With a temperature hundreds of times greater than that of the Sun's surface, the mysterious corona is governed by strong magnetic fields that control all structure and motion. Explore the fascinating nature of the outer layers of the Sun and learn how you can contribute to solar science while you view the eclipse!

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