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Thursday, May 11th 2017
12:15 pm:
Thesis Defense in PAN 110
Speaker: Andy Julin, University of Minnesota
Subject: Measurement of DD Decays from the psi(3770) Resonance
This is the public portion of Mr. Julin's thesis defense. His advisor is Ron Poling.

We measure the production cross section of e^+ e^− → ψ(3770) → DD near the peak of the ψ(3770) resonance. The (69.80 ± 0.03) pb^−1 of e^+ e^− annihilation data used were collected in 2010 over a center-of-mass energy range of 3.735 GeV to 3.870 GeV. From previously observed e^+ e^− → DD cross section measurements, this shape cannot be explained by a single Breit-Wigner. Instead, in this analysis we fitted the cross section by including interference effects from non-resonant DD production, and measured the mass and width of the ψ(3770) more precisely than previous results.

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