University of Minnesota
School of Physics & Astronomy

Physics and Astronomy Colloquium

Thursday, May 5th 2016
3:35 pm:
Speaker: Josh Klein, University of Pennsylvania
Subject: Neutrinos, Antineutrinos, and No Neutrinos
Refreshments to be served outside 101 Fraser after the colloquium. Student Awards will be presented at the start of Colloquium.

Neutrinos have always been the black sheep of the particle physics world: they
make up nothing, they hardly ever interact with normal matter, and they are so
light that, for the most part, they can be completely ignored in any reaction
in which they do participate. But we now know that neutrinos influence an
enormous range of physics. They tell us how the Sun works, they allow us to
search for new forces of Nature, and, because they carry no electric charge,
they are the only fundamental particle of matter that can be both particle and
antiparticle. The talk will discuss new areas of physics that can be explored
with neutrinos, and focus in particular on the SNO+ experiment whose goals
include a test of whether the neutrino and antineutrino are really the same

Faculty Host: Marvin Marshak

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