University of Minnesota
School of Physics & Astronomy

Nuclear Physics Seminar

Friday, April 29th 2016
11:15 am:
Speaker: Ming Li, University of Minnesota
Subject: Achieving High Baryon Densities in the Fragmentation Region in Heavy Ion Collisions at Top RHIC Energy

Based on our previous calculations of the energy-momentum tensor of the Glasma state, we calculated the back-reaction of the Glasma on the receding nuclei. We were able to obtain the rapidity loss and the excitation energy of the nuclear fragments. Consequently, Baryon and energy densities in the fragmentation region can be estimated using a simple space-time picture of the collision. For Au-Au central collisions at top RHIC energy, we found baryon density more than ten times larger than the normal nuclear matter. Energy density also much exceeds the critical energy density for the formation of quark-gluon plasma, indicating the transition to high baryon density quark-gluon plasma in the fragmentation region.

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