University of Minnesota
School of Physics & Astronomy

MN Institute for Astrophysics Colloquium

Friday, November 9th 2018
Speaker: Gautham Narayan, Space Telescope Science Institute
Subject: From Tens to Tens of Thousands: Supernovae Science in the Big-Data Era

’ll discuss SN2018oh and SN2018agk -- two of the spectroscopically confirmed SNIa with exceptional early-time observations discovered by the Kepler Extragalactic Survey (KEGS) with K2 during the forward-facing campaign 17. I’ll detail the constraints we infer from comparing the data of these two objects to physical models of type Ia explosions, and discuss the implications for different SNIa progenitor scenarios. But two does not a sample make, and Kepler SN are relatively rare events. To find more of them, we must move to wide-field ground-based surveys. I’ll discuss work to use cutting edge data science and machine learning techniques to identify such events within the tens of thousands being discovered in real-time. Finally, I’ll outline how we’re preparing the community to jump scale from the current-generation of surveys to LSST.

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